How Chiron Retrograde Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

How Chiron Retrograde Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Retrogrades – or transits during which planets appear to move in reverse – tend to be a doozy. When any planet shifts into one of these cycles, the energy behind it can literally impede progress in areas of life over which it rules. The same goes for Chiron – a small planet-like asteroid circling our solar system – which signifies our deepest inner wounds. Their setbacks can be personally intense, causing us to confront whatever is inside us. And we’re about to have one now: on July 19th, Chiron goes retrograde in Aries and moves backwards through the sign until December 23rd.

Named after the centaur Chiron in Greek mythology, who was known to be a great healer, but when wounded, ironically, could not heal, Chiron’s celestial body in astrology likewise reflects the greatest weakness, personal struggle, or trauma of past lives that we are destined to carry for a lifetime. Your natal Chiron’s sign, or where Chiron was located when you were born, can give you insight into what this cosmic baggage might be for you. “Chiron is our core wound,” says astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of the deck of love. “And it’s also what we heal for others, but we often struggle to fix it in ourselves.”

“Chiron is calling us to embark on a journey of conscious awareness of the insecurities that are holding us back.” —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

When Chiron is retrograde, he tends to bring out these hidden wounds in different ways and leads us to find new paths of healing. “Chiron is calling us to embark on a journey of mindful awareness of the insecurities that keep us from fully embracing who we are,” says astrologer Alexandria Lettman, founder of spiritual wellness platform Jupiter Jewel.

Rather than feeling condemned or overwhelmed by these struggles, though we can expect to feel “motivated and empowered to help ourselves,” Lettman says, thanks to Chiron’s current location in the active, fearless sign of Aries. That could mean becoming more understanding about our weaknesses and the ways they influence our feelings, and more able to show us love and compassion regardless, says Stardust: “It’s a very cathartic time.”

Exactly how this catharsis can show up in your life depends on how Chiron Retrograde in Aries interacts with your birth chart. Below, Lettman and Stardust break down the effects by zodiac sign. Read on to see your sun and rising signs to get the fullest picture of what to expect.

Here’s How Chiron Retrograde in Aries Can Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Because it’s happening in your sign (aka your first house of self-identity), Chiron retrograde will have the strongest impact on you, Aries. “It can encourage you to reflect on any recent experiences that have shaken your confidence or made you doubt your potential,” says Lettman. To get your life direction as clear as others tend to suspect you are, take this time to slow down and reevaluate. “This is a good time to meditate and focus on your needs while figuring out the next steps you want to take,” says Stardust.


Difficult interactions with others that have left you reeling in the past may resurface during this time, Taurus. Chiron is activating your twelfth house of the inner psyche, pushing you to confront emotional responses you may have buried. “This is an opportunity for you to heal without needing closure from others and also to move forward without ignoring how you feel,” says Lettman. While you might be tempted to spend time alone, Stardust suggests avoiding this path to avoid stewing. Instead, take a solo trip to the beach or a cafe, she says, “to be around people without them being in your direct orb.”


With this transit highlighting your 11th house from community and social circles, you may feel some insecurities around your sense of belonging (or lack thereof), Gemini. “Your untapped inner wounds can convince you that you can’t trust people or that you’re more alone than you really are,” says Lettman. Especially in any new group of people, this feeling can manifest as difficulty letting go. “You don’t have to rush to trust others, but you should make an effort to open up a little,” says Stardust. After all, that’s the only way to form a real connection.


Doubts around your career, ambitions or aptitude may revolve around this time Cancer. With Chiron touching his 10th home of work and public reputation, it’s possible that insecurities rooted in your childhood could cause you to question your ability to lead a new project or take on more responsibilities at work, says Stardust. Take a moment to determine if these hesitations are really justified – or if the fear of failure is what’s really holding you back.


As your ninth house of learning and intellect is hit by this transit, prepare for your beliefs to be questioned, Leo. “You may experience moments of confusion when pressured to reconsider certain deeply held personal philosophies,” says Lettman. But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind when you’re given information that supports a new perspective; in fact, this is a sign of growth. Connecting with new ideas – whether reading, asking questions or traveling, for example – will set you free rather than restrict you, she adds.


Take a deep breath, Virgo. Given that Chiron retrograde in Aries will touch your intimate eighth house of sex, taboo and transformation, this transit can be particularly intense for you. Your best bet is to be open to the outside support the universe might be sending you, says Stardust, rather than trying to force out emotional trauma alone (as your naturally independent self might want to do). “Don’t let your intellect get in the way of your intuition during this time,” she says. “Instead of thinking, allow yourself to feel to get the clarity you want.”


Your relationships can be shaken by this transit, Libra, as it activates your seventh house of partnerships. “Any imbalances that may exist in your partnerships may surface during this time, prompting you to consider how you can be on an equal footing,” says Stardust. Perhaps your own insecurities are holding you back from sharing your feelings with a partner. Or maybe you’re stuck in a people-pleasing cycle, and the acts you’re doing in the service of a partner aren’t being appreciated or reciprocated. In either case, Stardust suggests that you take the time to explore the origins of these behaviors in yourself.


Taking care of your overall physical and mental health will be of utmost importance during this time, Scorpio. Chiron Retrograde highlights your sixth house of wellness and daily rituals, “illuminating unhealthy lifestyle patterns that may be facilitating a bad relationship between you and your body,” says Lettman. Consider how you can divorce your sense of self-worth from your productivity and instill stronger boundaries in caring for your well-being, she suggests. In general, this is a well-aligned time to rest and seek comfort from pets or nature.


As this transit touches your fifth house—which is all about external sources of pleasure—you may find that you are inadvertently depriving yourself of that joy, perhaps tending to others and forgetting about yourself. “Setting boundaries is hard, but it may be more important to you now than ever,” says Stardust. That is, you shouldn’t feel obligated to help others when your own glass isn’t full. Instead, focus on doing more of what you love during this time. Laughter may actually be your best medicine right now, says Lettman.


Get ready to revisit your childhood, Capricorn. Given that Chiron is so deeply connected to occult wounds, in general, and this retrograde touches his fourth house of family roots, it’s possible that early-life or even generational trauma could arise during this time, says Lettman. “Focus on restoring your sense of emotional security, caring for your inner child, and spending time with those who make you feel safe.” If you can find a way to connect (or reconnect) with your family from a place of love, you will benefit, says Stardust.


If you’ve recently held your tongue or been hesitant to say your part, you may feel the need to explore why, Aquarius. Is it perhaps the potential judgment of others or an inner insecurity that is holding you back? Either way, Chiron activating your third house of communication will lead you to consider how you can best stand in your truth, says Lettman. “It’s important that you are heard by those you care about,” says Stardust. “The more confidence you can muster to share, the better you’ll feel in the end.”


The way you measure your own self-esteem can be revised, Pisces. This transit highlights your second house of money and value, forcing you to consider how much of your self-approval may be rooted in external sources, such as money, title, or the expectations of others. “This is a time to look within yourself to define your identity and connect with spirituality, and let go of your relationship with the material realm,” says Stardust.

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