17-minute Lower Body Pilates Workout for Stronger Glutes

17-minute Lower Body Pilates Workout for Stronger Glutes

IIf you’re looking for a short, effective lower-body Pilates workout, this latest episode of Well+Good Pilates with East River Pilates Instructor Brian Spencer delivers just that. This 17-minute glute workout will have you feeling the burn while building muscle in your lower body. Spencer also uses a surprising twist in the video: Bala Bangles – adjustable wrist or ankle weights that add a little extra strength to bodyweight exercises.

Stronger glutes have a lot of benefits for the whole body, believe it or not. For example, Laurence Agénor, PT, DPT previously told Well+Good that lower back pain, easy standing fatigue, and fatigue from stairs are all signs of weaker glutes. Strengthening these large lower body muscles can support better movement as you sit, stand, and walk.

For this workout, Spencer starts with some simple squats to get your circulation flowing in your lower body and wake up your hips, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. The squats then move into some wrist squats with side scooters, bringing your toe in and away from you, where you really start to feel that burn in your glutes and thighs as you challenge your core.

Some exercises included in the video are side lunges in curtsy lunges, which target the lateral butt muscles and outer hips. These are done by standing and supporting most of your body weight on one leg while you extend the other straight out to the side (squat!), then cross it back on a diagonal, which will lighten your inner thighs. and will test your Balance.

You’ll also do some donkey kicks and hamstring crunches to focus on your gluteus maximus muscles. These are your biggest butt muscles, and they support you as you stand, sit, run, walk, climb stairs, and other daily movement patterns. They are supported in all of this by your hamstrings, which is why you want them to be strong too. Both movements are done from an all-fours position on forearms and knees. You will raise and lower your bent leg towards the ceiling for your donkey kicks before leaving it raised as you straighten and bend your leg for your hamstrings.

You’ll also go through a long stream of exercises done on all fours, designed to really adjust your legs and glutes through dynamic movements that will test your muscular endurance and help you build more.

This workout is super fun, albeit a little challenging, so at the end of the session, Spencer wraps up this lower body Pilates workout in a peaceful child pose to reward viewers for all their hard work.

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